Mitsui Chemicals to Establish Creative Integration Lab.™ as New R&D Site

Accelerate problem-solving via collaboration with customers in the field of semiconductor & assembly


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) today announced that it has decided to establish the Creative Integration Lab.™, a new R&D site to be located within the company’s Nagoya Works, in order to bolster its ability to offer solutions in the semiconductor & assembly field through co-creation with customers. Construction on the new site is slated to finish in May 2024.

Conceptual drawing of the Creative Integration Lab.™ (Front: co-creation building; Back: ICT test field)

With a particular focus on ICROS Tape™ (manufactured and sold by Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.), Mitsui Chemicals’ Nagoya Works has endeavored to engage in ongoing information-gathering activities while also providing solutions in a speedy fashion via co-creation with customers. By building on this and bringing together a research environment and related evaluation facilities for the semiconductor & assembly field, the Creative Integration Lab.™ is intended to further advance Mitsui Chemicals’ co-creation with customers, bolstering the company’s ability to offer solutions that help solve a wide variety of issues.

Overview of the Creative Integration Lab.™

Official name

Creative Integration Lab.™
LocationWithin Mitsui Chemicals’ Nagoya Works in Nagoya, Aichi
AimTo provide a research environment that allows for seamless cooperation between departments involved in semiconductor & assembly related research, as well as related evaluation facilities, in order to boost Mitsui Chemicals’ capabilities for offering solutions via co-creation with customers in that same field. Also, to integrate the management of related research departments as a means of improving problem-solving capabilities and cultivating human resources.
Features of the new facility

A research facility comprising an ICT test field and a co-creation building, with the expectation of hosting experts from the semiconductor & assembly field.

➤ ICT test field: Includes clean rooms, draft chambers, reliability testing laboratories, and constant temperature and humidity chambers. Consolidates and augments facilities for process evaluation, performance evaluation, reliability evaluation and more to serve as a place where Mitsui Chemicals can prototype and evaluate alongside customers.

➤ Co-creation building: Intended as a place for communication between customers and researchers. Also designed to aid collaboration and co-creation with other sites, which will see the building fitted with high-speed communication equipment to let those inside be virtually present at prototyping in the ICT test field, as well as a shared digital presentation room for specialized technical presentations (including academic conferences, exhibitions, etc.).

InvestmentApprox. 3 billion yen
ScheduleStart of construction: February 2023
End of construction: May 2024 (tentative)

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